Behavioral Wellness

Behavioral Health Integration

Are your behaviors in-line with your health goals? At BNWS we believe that health includes mental as well as physical well-being. This is why we have integrated behavioral health into our practice.

We believe that a collaborative, team-based approach is key to helping you to achieve your goals. Your BNWS primary care physician will introduce you to your care team, which includes therapists, care coordinators and consulting psychiatrists.

If behavioral or mental health conditions are affecting your life, our team is ready to help you find peace of mind.

Psychotherapy and Mental Health

Healthy bodies and healthy minds go hand in hand. Are you working through a fog of stress, anxiety or depression that is keeping you from living your best life? At BNWS, we want to help you to free yourself from these burdens.

BNWS offers psychotherapy, a variety of support groups and cognitive evaluation services if you are experiencing depression, anxiety or are having difficulty coping with a life-changing event.

As healthcare practitioners concerned about your whole health, our therapists are here to do what they do best: listen, and then guide you on your journey to becoming a happier, more centered and at-peace individual.

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